Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hobson’s Choice (1954) David Lean

This is a great Charles Laughton film and a comedy to boot. Laughton plays this comedic role a little over the top sometimes but will make you laugh out loud. Dialogue is snappy and acting is superb throughout the entire film. Brenda De Banzie, as the oldest daughter, gives a very strong performance, and John Mills, as her husband, is so impressive as he transforms from a timid bootmaker to a confident, strong, business owner.

Musical scoring (Malcolm Arnold, composer; Muir Mathieson, musical director) wonderfully enhances the most humorous scenes. When you see the movie, you’ll know what I mean. The black and white cinematography (Jack Hildyard) is beautifully done as are Lean’s camera shots, particularly those high above the characters.
For Fawlty Towers fans, look for Prunella Scales as one of the younger sisters. She famously played Sybil Fawlty, John Cleese's wife in the TV series back in the 1970s.
Once again, I will not reveal the plot (other than the clue regarding John Mills) so as to not spoil the movie for anyone. But it’s great little production and well worth your time.

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  1. Windingroad50 is your sister, Kathy. Here's hoping I can post the following:

    Laughton was great, the central marriage was BIZARRE, John Mills was adorable but his intelligence occasionally almost spilled out and made his dumb-dumb character a phony. I laughed at the swelling music when he finally stands up to his school marm/wife! And I enjoyed seeing Prunella Scales (Vicky) in a younger role (she's old Miss Bates in the A&E version of "Emma").